Meet the team

FTR has a dedicated and responsive staff committed to providing excellent service to your company and building lasting relationships.

Jonathan Starks


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Jami Sargent


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Eric Starks

Chairman of the Board

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Helen Lile

Vice President, Client Services

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Avery Vise

Vice President, Trucking

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Todd Tranausky

Vice President, Rail & Intermodal

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Derek Young

AVP, Marketing & Sales

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Melisssa Younger

Events Manager

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Michael Starks

Marketing & Sales Technology

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Tana Hellwig

HR Manager

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Erick Cuevas

Data Engineer

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Mike Kubat

Business Development Representative

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Sharon Boggs

Office Manager and Speaking Engagements Manager

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Jennifer Dosado

Financial Manager & Marketing Support

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Mike Tryon


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Steve Graham


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