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Jonathan Starks


(888) 988-1699, ext. 42

Jon is the CEO at FTR. He has spent his entire career in the freight transportation sector having joined FTR in 2001. Jon's expertise includes freight modeling, modal analysis, fleet characteristics, and equipment demand. He is directly responsible for producing FTR's Freight-cast transportation model, producing more than 13 million datapoints and 85,000 forecasted items each and every month.

In addition to his work on freight analysis he assists with forecasting the equipment markets, dealing with the demand outlook for medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and freight railcars. He is the secondary developer of FTR's Economically Derived Demand model for medium-duty trucks (founder Ed Graham's initial work was vital to the process). Jon is also a regular presenter at FTR's Annual Freight Transportation Conference and at company meetings and industry events.

Jon graduated from Marian University with his BA degree in Business Administration. He currently resides in Bedford, Ind. with his wife, Amanda, and their daughters, Ashley, Addison and Abigail.