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The Rail Industry's Tank Car Lease Rate Clearinghouse

Energy Transport Insider (ETI) provides several benefits to the marketplace in the form of enhanced market transparency, price discovery, and benchmarking potential. ETI provides a clear sense of where the market is every other week for hazardous material tank cars, including general-purpose and pressure cars.
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Unbiased Perspective

Independent, third-party assessment of the hazardous materials tank car market with data collected from industry participants.

Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency allows lessors to benchmark their rates regularly and shippers to strengthen their stance during negotiations.

Real-Time Pricing

Data is collected twice per month and turned around quickly providing a near real-time pulse of changes in the tank car marketplace.

Full Tank Coverage

A wide variety of tank car types and sizes are captured ensuring pricing is reflective of particular equipment nuances & variations.

Pinpoint Pivot Points

Track changes over time to understand how the market evolved as commodities ebb & flow.

Make Better Decisions

Protect your bottom line by basing your lease/buy decisions on actual industry data.

Level the lease rate playing field with the FTR Energy Transport Insider service!

Take the guesswork out of the railcar leasing market.  With two ways to participate, as a data provider or as a paying client, the Energy Transport Insider is FTR's first step to creating an unbiased third-party leasing benchmarking tool for all industry participants to use for better decision-making. 
Build a Better Market

Become an ETI Data Provider

Provide paid lease rates every two weeks, receive the final publication free of charge

Make Better Decisions

Become an ETI paid client

Receive lease marketplace rate updates twice per month as an ETI subscriber to monitor the competitive landscape