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We’re an award-winning economic forecasting firm with a laser-like focus on commercial freight and equipment demand, and we're turning forecasting upside down. 

Helping companies be better decision-makers since 1985

Our mission is simple, to provide actionable transportation intelligence to professionals looking to make smarter supply chain decisions.

The industry’s elite trust FTR as an integral part of their market intelligence toolkits, shouldn't you?

Delivering better decisions through:


Complimentary Industry Content

State of Freight Today is our collection of complimentary content consisting of podcasts, press releases, blog posts, Spot Market Insights, and complimentary webinars.

Stay up-to-date with the markets

Forecasting subscription services

Take your supply chain decision-making to the next level with exclusive forecasts and actionable intelligence delivered regularly. Services are available for trucking, rail, intermodal, and shippers.

Join elite decision-makers

Tailored Solutions

FTR services are tailored directly to your organizational needs. Whether you need consulting, speaking engagements, market research, data pulls, or custom projects, we can help you succeed.

Explore your opportunities

Transportation Conference

Freight•cast™ comes to life with our annual transportation conference. This premier forecasting event offers a perfect blend of networking and actionable insights.

Where industry leaders meet

Perspectives from our clients

FTR is a great starting point for what drives our industry. Greenbrier uses a number of FTR’s forecasts, trends and economic insights tools. My team and I regularly attend the September FTR Transportation Conference. The podcast has been another good resource that my team enjoys. I like that FTR continually looks for improvement and explores new channels for their information.
Truckstop.com is a proud partner with FTR. Few organizations can match their experience and historical insight into freight transportation. If you are looking for qualitative data, modal-specific analysis, or industry benchmarks, FTR is one of the best resources available.
FTR's economic projections and shippers index provide valuable insights that allow fact-based and balanced conversations with carrier partners. The forward-looking economic trend forecasts assist with developing freight budgets with higher confidence critical for business planning. The trend charts and analysis reports also provide C-suite leadership with reliable industry summaries at a glance.
At a time when markets swing wildly from month to month and during moments when it can feel like there is more noise than signal in the data, FTR's decades-long perspective and deep industry experience help anchor our expectations about the future.
"When it says FTR, that gives us instant credibility!"
FTR helps Armada see freight and transportation trends! Providing highly credible and objective industry, multi-modal transportation information and forecasting, their economic and sector expertise supports Armada's ability to anticipate changing trends and develop forward-looking logistics plans in support of our managed freight solutions. Their insightful reports and webinars should not be missed if you want to stay ahead of transportation cycles and win in the freight game.
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Tom Jackson, VP Marketing - The Greenbrier Companies
Brent Hutto, Chief Relationship Officer - Truckstop
Group Director of Transportation Strategy - major F&B company
Aaron Terrazas, Director - Convoy Systems
Aaron Keller, Chief Sales Officer - Keller Logistics
Chief Logistics Officer - Armada