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The most comprehensive view of the rail equipment landscape

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The economy generates freight, and freight drives the demand for new rail cars.

Companies that understand this are rewarded with balanced books, smooth production schedules, and the right amount of inventory. Those who don't get it live in reactionary chaos, leading to stressed employees, unnecessary inventory carried from month to month, and leaving money on the table.

Our Rail Equipment Outlook service is the definitive guide to forecasting demand for new rail cars.

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Tank Cars

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Flat Cars

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Open-Top Hoppers

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Covered Hoppers

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Only FTR's Freight•cast™ forecasting methodology bases demand on fundamental economic and freight dynamics so you can prepare your production schedules with precision.

Track the metrics that matter

We capture build data directly from all of the major builders and provide our clients monthly forecast updates on:

  • Backlog
  • Inventory
  • Net Orders
  • Factory Shipments
  • Key rail market indicators
  • Freight forecasts by commodity
  • Exclusive economic forecasts
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Test Hexagon - Expert

Concise thought leadership

The Rail Equipment Outlook service is built with your organization's needs in mind, from Controllers to Production Planners, to the C-Suite.  You'll receive quarterly updates of:

  • PDF report with forecast changes and market update
  • Two expert-written commentaries
  • State of Freight Insights service
  • Quarterly rail equipment webinars
  • Monthly freight webinars

Being prepared for swings in production protects your profits. We can help.

Download a sample report to understand how an unbiased 3rd party market intelligence service can help you guide your long-term decision-making.


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 Derek Young, AVP Marketing & Sales