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The economy generates freight, and freight drives demand for new rail cars.

But that's only part of the story!

Exorbitant commodity costs and excess capacity have altered the fundamental buying cycles for new railcars in this new economy. Fleet owners are creatively leveraging existing assets to mitigate the high prices of new cars. If you aren't paying attention to what's happening within each fleet in real-time, your forecasts will never be as accurate as they need to be.

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Covered hopper
Covered Hopper
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Open-Top Hopper
Gondola & Flat

The FTR Rail Equipment Monthly service combines industry-leading Umler™ data with the power of FTR's Freight•cast™ to provide you with the most real-time view of new additions and retirements in the North American fleet.

Only FTR's Freight•cast™ forecast bases demand on fundamental economic and freight dynamics so you can prepare your production schedules with precision.

Track the metrics that matter

Each month, we capture industry-leading Umler™ data, cleanse and parse the data, and turn the key takeaways back to your team within the first four days of the month.  You'll have the most real-time view of activity for: 

  • Registrations
    • By add date
    • By build date
  • Retirements
    • General retirements
    • Scrappage estimates by age profile
    • Full number of retirements
  • Population age by 5-year buckets
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Data delivered how you need it

The Rail Equipment Monthly service was created to save your organization a significant investment in valuable Umler data and resource allocation in the amount of time required to format, disseminate, and distribute the data internally.  The service consists of:

  • Excel database with market intelligence for 40 car types
  • Monthly and Quarterly Webinars
  • Direct access to the FTR Experts to answer your questions about what's driving market activity


Unleashing your strategic thinking is the key to getting started.

Download a sample report to get a feel for how an unbiased 3rd party market intelligence service can help you guide your long-term decision-making.


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Derek Young, AVP of Sales & Marketing