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Who is FTR?

We're the experts in fundamental freight analysis.  

And we forecast the future of freight, so you don't have to.

The economy generates freight, and freight drives the demand for carriers and equipment.

It was true when we started this company in 1985 and it's still true to this day. The quest to understand this better than anyone in the industry is what drives us all these years later.

Dedicating your resources to understanding the difference between what is news and what is noise is a full-time job in itself. Even with clarity, quantifying the potential impact on your business, when critical pivot points will occur, and the potential upside and downside risks on your radar becomes even more daunting.

We've built our business to provide clear, concise guidance on the market's direction so you can make decisions and focus on running your business.


Who is FTR?
An award-winning economic forecasting firm with a laser-like focus on commercial freight and equipment demand.
Our vision?
A better world through smarter supply chain decisions.
Our mission?
To help companies be better strategic decision-makers through data-driven forecasts and unbiased transportation intelligence.

In an industry full of guesses, our unbiased & data-driven approach to forecasting makes us different.


Disciplined principles

Being an unbiased and authoritative leader in transportation intelligence requires discipline. Throughout our exhaustive process, we're guided by these principles.

We see the whole picture

We start with a top-down approach to ensure our forecasts and assumptions are factual to dissuade knee-jerk reactions to noise in the market.

We are unbiased

Every marketplace has a buyer and a seller, and we build our tools to bring transparency to level the competitive playing field.

We think critically

Though rooted in data, we understand that our forecasts are influenced by the activity in today's market and work hard to weigh the risks to our guidance.

We are well informed, so you are, too

We secure data from reliable sources with large swaths of industry data, so we see the entire picture of the competitive landscape, not just particular regions or segments.

Who do we help?

FTR's Freight•cast™ methodology and our panel of industry experts with 280+ years of industry experience serve all corners of the transportation industry.




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