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Dan Moyer

Senior Analyst, Commercial Vehicles

(888) 988-1699, ext. 75

Dan Moyer is the Senior Analyst, Commercial Vehicles at FTR. With over 15 years of Commercial Vehicle industry/freight transportation market analysis experience from high-level analytical roles at PACCAR and Daimler Truck subsidiary TORC Robotics, Dan brings a depth of knowledge that is poised to significantly benefit our clients. This professional experience, including Market Research Manager at Kenworth Truck Company, Strategic Planning/Corporate Development Analyst at PACCAR, and Financial Analyst - Strategy at TORC Robotics, will be instrumental in enhancing our analytical capabilities, providing our clients with more nuanced insights and enabling them to make more informed business decisions.

Dan’s educational achievements, including pursuing a Master's in Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics from the University of Washington, and diverse Commercial Vehicle professional experience, equips him with a broad spectrum of skills in strategic planning, corporate development, and data/market analysis. These abilities, combined with his proficiency in financial analysis and data visualization tools such as Tableau, promise to offer our clients innovative strategies and actionable intelligence. With Dan on board, FTR strengthens its commitment to supporting our clients' success by offering more refined, data-driven insights that pave the way for informed, strategic business decisions.

Dan currently resides with his wife Khanhvy and two children in the Seattle area.  His hobbies include any outdoor activities, traveling, cars, and staying up with current events/news.