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FTR has been the thought leader in freight transportation forecasting in North America for nearly three decades. With over 250 years of combined experience, you can rely on FTR's experts to provide the highest quality of data analysis and business insights. 

Eric Starks, CV Equipment & Economy Expert Eric Starks Click to View Details
CV Equipment & Economy Expert
[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 41

Avery Vise, Trucking Expert Avery Vise Click to View Details
Trucking Expert
[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 56

Don Ake, CV Equipment Expert Don Ake Click to View Details
CV Equipment Expert
[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 49

Todd Tranausky , Rail and Intermodal Expert Todd Tranausky Click to View Details
Rail and Intermodal Expert
[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 58

Bill Witte, Economy Expert Bill Witte Click to View Details
Economy Expert
[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 59

Jonathan Starks, Freight Demand and Economy Expert Jonathan Starks Click to View Details
Freight Demand and Economy Expert
[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 42

  • "....Access to FTR's wealth of statistics not only allows us to form our own narrative to educate the organization, it allows us to provide macro industry data and produce micro, scenario-specific solutions..."

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