Rail Closer Look: Full Series 2022

Published Annually (6 Reports)

The Rail Closer Look Series combines rail equipment intelligence with our Freight•cast™ forecasting model and FTR expert analysis to produce the industry’s most thorough and comprehensive rail equipment forecast and report.

True to its name, the Rail Closer Look Series scrutinizes the current railcar market with respect to freight transportation across all car types in order to provide the most advanced analytics available in the rail industry. With a wealth of institutional knowledge and data, FTR provides the most complete annual update on trends in the North American Railcar Fleet.

The Rail Closer Look Series is comprised of six individual reports covering each of the six major car types: 
Covered Hoppers, Tank Cars, Gondolas, Open Top Hoppers, Boxcars, and Flat Cars.

These reports provide invaluable information and insight for longstanding rail equipment industry participants, as well and new entrants to the industry, including fleet owners, leasing companies, new car builders, component suppliers, service providers, financial institutions, investors, rail carriers and shippers.

Each Rail Closer Look Report Contains
  • An in depth analysis on one of the six major car types:  Covered Hoppers, Tank Cars, Gondolas, Open Top Hoppers, Boxcars, and Flat Cars.
  • An executive summary that highlights the important take-away’s of the report 
  • Detailed fleet analysis 
  • Current fleet sizes for each sub-segment 
  • Pictures and illustrations of select car types, unique components, and important commodities 
  • Unique characteristics inherent to sub-segments 
  • Snapshot of each fleet segment’s age profile allocated by 5- year buckets over a car’s 50-year life 
  • Historic deliveries, retirements, and utilization 
  • Forecasts and projections by fleet segment: new car deliveries and retirements 
  • Current and historic traffic activity across car typesTraffic shares, commodity drivers, and industry drivers
  • The Closer Look reports are updated annually using the latest available data from FTR and a variety of industry sources.

Rail Closer Look Full Series Sample Reports:

Closer Look: Box Car Sample Report > 

Closer Look: Covered Hopper Sample Report > 

Closer Look: Flat Cars Sample Report > 

Closer Look: Gondola Sample Report > 

Closer Look: Open Top Hopper Sample Report > 

Closer Look: Tank Cars Sample Report > 

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