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Properly sizing the flat car market on your own is hard.

If you're relying on industry news to size the rail equipment market, you know that sometimes conditions are not as they appear.  Take the guesswork out of your strategic planning by relying on our Flat Car Closer Look report.

Combining the industry standard Umler™ and Waybill data with the power of FTR's Freight•cast™ forecasting methodology, the Flat Car Closer Look report is the definitive guide to understanding the fundamentals of new car demand.

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Expanded freight analysis

The expanded freight analysis in this report provides your team with an understanding of fundamental demand.

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Commodity inputs & analysis

This report provides a deeper dive into the commodities and how they've strengthened or weakened their position at the car capacity level.

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Productivity forecast

This report provides a forecast of productivity by car type to help predict future swings in equipment needs

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Shipment lot size analysis

An analysis of changing shipment sizes over time amongst commodity groups provides a glimpse into utilization metrics by car type.

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Monthly retirement & delivery data

Retirement and delivery data at the monthly level provides a pulse of the changes in market sizing at a level of detail simply not available elsewhere.

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Graphics & tables package

This report includes a graphics package of 300+ charts and graphs so you can pull slides together with ease and create impactful presentations.


Don't big financial decisions deserve taking a closer look?

Making informed business decisions requires transportation intelligence you can trust.  Only the FTR Rail Closer Look reports combine the Umler system and Waybill data with the most reliable equipment forecasting methodology in the industry, FTR's Freight•cast. 

Download a sample report now to see how the Flat Car Closer Look report can help you measure the market with precision!


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