Speakers Bureau

Below you will find details about FTR's transportation experts. From freight and equipment demand to regulatory environment, transportation system, intermodal and the economic outlook, FTR is your source for Transportation Intelligence.

To schedule an FTR speaker, please contact [email protected] or by phone at 888-988-1699 ext. 51.

Trucking Expert

Avery Vise

[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 56


Intermodal & Rail Expert

Todd Tranausky
(888) 988-1699, ext. 58


Commercial Vehicle Equipment Expert

Eric Starks

[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 41


Commercial Vehicle Equipment Expert

Don Ake

[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 49


Economy Expert

Bill Witte

[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 59


Transportation Analysis Expert

Jonathan Starks

[email protected]
(888) 988-1699, ext. 42


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Each media packet contains: picture, biography (Word format), FTR logo, and an informative piece on FTR.


  • "...We started using FTR when we started the fifth wheel business and we benefited from using FTR statistics to understand the truck market and our own market share development...."

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