Intermodal Service

Whether you're a shipper looking for cost-savings opportunities, a carrier looking for potential revenue moves, or a builder looking into the state of equipment demand; the FTR Intermodal Monthly Service takes the guess-work out of knowing where the future of intermodal is heading.

Only FTR's Intermodal Monthly Service combines powerful data from the industry's leading sources like IANA & AAR with the most sophisticated commercial freight forecasting methodology, Freight•cast to guide your strategic planning decision-making. 

Each month, we collect and scrutinize the data from all corners of the market, and send our clients a report containing the most up-to-date:
  • volume trends by traffic corridor
  • trends in equipment type and size
  • trends in imports and exports by port region
  • key intermodal service metrics
  • exclusive FTR forecast for loadings, pricing pressure, and competitiveness to other modes of transportation

Offered in a standard version geared towards the organizations needing a high-level view of the market and a crowd-pleasing premium version for the data-driven companies who need that competitive edge to know where to attack the market.  Take a look below to determine which version is right for you!

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  • "...IANA has partnered with FTR for over 12 years in delivering transportation data and statistics to the  freight community...."