Freight Focus

FTR covers the North American heavy freight market with a suite of data and business strategy-oriented publications. Industry leading shippers, carriers, brokers, 3PLs, railroads, and financial institutions trust FTR to make sense of the dynamic and rapidly evolving freight transportation markets.

FTR's Best-in-Class status gives you the confidence to not only plan for the future, but communicate and defend your plans and forecasts to the C-Suite.

Shippers Update [Premium]

Shippers Update [Premium] $2995

Essential Outlooks for Shippers on Freight Volumes, Transport Costs, and Capacity

Include freight transportation as part of your company's strategic discussion. Only FTR connects the dots between the U.S. macro economy and the micro economies of freight transportation, and provides outlooks for where trucking, rail, and intermodal are headed. This data and analysis helps you answer questions such as:

  • What is the overall state of freight demand?
  • From energy to construction, capacity can shift quickly away from sectors, could your business be affected? 
  • What are the effects of impending regulations?
  • What is the fuel pricing situation, and how might it affect your company's transportation budget?
  • We are approaching the longest recovery in modern U.S. history. Are there any bubbles in the macro economy? What are the risks which could trigger a recession?

Trucking Update [Premium]

Trucking Update [Premium] $2995

American truck fleets operate in a competitive yet fragmented market where obtaining comprehensive and timely market insights is difficult. Understanding current trends and identifying future opportunities is essential. The Trucking Update is your monthly source for independent analysis. FTR's unique measurement of truck freight gives you a more complete overview of the US truck market.
Rail Update [Premium]

Rail Update [Premium] $2995

Those in the rail industry have large amounts of data available to them. What they need is help in identifying the key components which drive trends and translating those into a concrete outlook of growth in the market. FTR’s unique work in understanding and forecasting the total transportation industry helps give our clients insights into rail’s potential.
Freight Focus Bundle [Premium]

Freight Focus Bundle [Premium] $12795

FTR's Freight Focus Bundle + Databases provides comprehensive coverage of the North American heavy freight market. The bundle includes access to all our freight focused publications and databases and provides at least 10% savings off the total cost.

Intermodal Dash - Standard $4745

Identifying Opportunities for Growth through the Intermodal Dash on the Intel•cast™ platform.

Companies involved in intermodal need to be able to readily identify where growth is occurring and what type of equipment is moving. FTR's Intermodal Dash on the Intel•cast™ platform provides hard data and the concise analysis within an interactive format that allows you to quickly get the precise business intelligence you need most.

  • "...FTR has also provided routine conference calls on current topics that serve to keep us updated on the latest trends. The bottom line is that FTR has been a consistent partner supporting our forecasting efforts and we look forward to many more years of working together...."