Freight Forecasting Model

Freight-cast is the freight and equipment forecasting model for transportation.

The principle tool of forecasting is FTR's award-winning Freight•cast

This critically acclaimed freight forecasting model was first constructed in the 1980s and was later enhanced in the late 90s. This model was developed by estimating the movement of (virtually) all items with weight in the economy, measuring several critical movements of freight transportation in the United States.  

Each month the Freight•cast forecasts 85,000 series and over 13 million datapoints. These forecasts track changes in the economy, providing the evidence necessary for identifying market trends, helping companies make sense of the current situation, and plan for the future.  

The Freight•cast provides the industry's leading forecasts and market data. This is coupled with insights and analysis from FTR's experts to produce consistently reliable reports for shippers, trucking, rail, and intermodal, as well as providing demand analysis for commercial vehicles and railcar.

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*The PDF file includes:

  • List of Commodities Tracked and Forecasted
  • Flowcharts of our Tonnage Freight Model and Modal Share Model
  • List of Sources of Information
  • Glossary of Terms

For additional information on data sources please contact Jonathan Starks, Chief Intelligence Officer, at (888) 988-1699, ext. 42 or via e-mail at [email protected].

  • "...We started using FTR when we started the fifth wheel business and we benefited from using FTR statistics to understand the truck market and our own market share development...."

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