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  • "...My experience with FTR is extremely positive. BorgWarner subscribes to the Truck & Trailer Outlook and it has become a..."

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  • "...Their forecast models to me are the most reliable... And, they are great to work with! ..."

    CK Marketing

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    U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc.

  • "...They provide valuable insight into market conditions which we use in our carrier discussions and to update our clients..."

    Armada Supply Chain Solutions

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    Mitsui Rail Capital, LLC

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  • "...So much data, when it comes to your desk, has to answer 'so what does it mean to me?'..."

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Latest Industry News with FTR

Leading publications turn to FTR for insights and analysis on today's most important freight transportation topics.

Serving the Transportation & Financial Markets

FTR is the industry source for Transportation Intelligence. From freight demand to system capacity to equipment production, FTR adds over 270 years of industry experience into business decision-making. Our subscribers rely on FTR’s freight forecasting trends for improved forecasting in shipping, trucking, rail, intermodal, equipment, and financial communities.

Freight Forecasting

FTRs thought leaders provide top-tier industry analysis for freight forecasting with a total transportation approach. FTR combines a deep understanding of freight demand and the underlying economic fundamentals by tracking more than 13 million data points each month, with historical and modal-specific insights. With a pure focus on the U.S. and North American transportation systems, FTR provides unbiased perspectives and expectations for the future.

Freight Reports

We offer an in-depth coverage of freight commodities and freight transportation markets that provides our subscribers a broad perspective and context. FTR’s freight forecasting reports are easy to read, and they use methodology that inspires confidence. There is a growing need to better understand how the economy impacts freight, and our freight reports help you manage risk and improve your forecasting.

Commercial Vehicle Reports

Manufacturers need to understand how the economy impacts freight and capacity. FTR’s Truck & Trailer Outlook provides freight and equipment demand forecast for the North American commercial vehicle market, including Class 8 Truck, Trailer & Medium Duty (Classes 4-7). This commercial vehicle report has expanded coverage of transportation and logistic issues, freight segmentation, commodity analysis, modal analysis, truck productivity, and capacity utilization.

Trucking Reports

There is a growing demand to better understand how the economy impacts freight, driver labor, and truck capacity. The Trucking Update is your monthly source for independent analysis. FTR's unique measurement of truck freight gives you a complete overview of the U.S. truck market, and it focuses on near-term freight volumes, truck utilization, pricing, and trucker economics. This trucking report will help experienced managers evaluate today's truckload market.

Closer Look: Railcar

The Rail Closer Look Series combines rail equipment intelligence with our Freight•cast™ forecasting model and FTR expert analysis to produce the industry’s most thorough and comprehensive rail equipment forecast and report. The Closer Look Series is comprised of six individual reports covering each of the six major car types. The full Closer Look Series (all six reports) can be purchased at a discount.  Learn more >

Shippers Reports

Successful shippers need to know what to expect, and they should also know when to adjust their strategies. The need to understand the overall transportation environment is becoming a necessity, but it is also a daunting task. The FTR Shippers Update is a monthly report providing essential information on North American freight, including freight volumes, capacity situation, transport costs, shippers conditions, and additional information on truck and rail capacity utilization.

Rail Reports

Railroads need to be able to identify if there will be enough rail cars available to haul all of the goods now and into the future. Whether you are buying or building new railcars, companies need to be able to identify trends, and turn those trends into opportunities for growth in the market. FTR’s Rail Update Service will give you a clear understanding of freight demand and risks associated with the economy, transportation, and, more specifically, the rail industry.

Intermodal Reports

A company involved in intermodal needs to be able to readily identify where growth is occurring and what type of equipment is moving. The Intermodal Service gives you all the essential information on the North American intermodal situation, including volume trends by traffic lane, trends in equipment type and size, trends in imports and exports by port region, and much more.