National Steel Car

05.19.20 | Bob Pickel, Senior VP Marketing and Sales

As the only ISO-9001 certified railcar manufacturing company in North America, National Steel Car (NSC) manufactures and provides high capacity railcars for the owners and operators of railcars, including railroads, shippers and the leasing community.  NSC approaches the railcar market as an integral component of the overall logistics' needs of its customers, with customized designs and performance characteristics specific to each customer’s requirements. 
As a key element in the logistics equation, our railcars are manufactured and delivered under stringent quality assurance standards, dedicated to improving customers' competitive posture and economic advantage.
This total logistics approach requires NSC to understand and work in very challenging and often-changing markets involving the handling of commodities and products, and understanding the role of our railcars in current as well as future market conditions.
NSC uses various data and information provided by FTR.  This covers overall economic indicators as well as transportation/logistics indicators.  These assist NSC in serving current market demands but also forecasted activity.  We can drill down into further detail for specific customer bases and specific customers.
We further use FTR data for modal performance and indicators applied to the aforementioned economic and transportation/logistics indicators.  This includes understanding the 1.6 million North American railcar fleet, by car type, capacity and age, ownership as well as other factors.
These data are used in concert with other data and sources, notably customer base input, to forecast demand into the future; both short term and long term.
We value FTR as a key supplier to NSC.  It is responsive to specific requests, especially when timing is important.


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