Rail Update [Standard]

Rail Update [Standard]

Annual Subscription, Published Monthly

Essential Outlooks for Rail on Capacity Utilization, Rates and U.S. Carloadings

Those in the rail industry have large amounts of data available to them. What they need is help in identifying the key components which drive trends and translating those into a concrete outlook of growth in the market. FTR’s unique work in understanding and forecasting the total transportation industry helps give our clients insights into rail’s potential.

Helping Railroads Identify Growth Markets

This report provides a near-term U.S. carloadings and intermodal outlook for the rail industry. This publication is designed to give you a quick overview of the current U.S. rail freight environment along with a relevant economic overview and forecast.


  • Analysis and forecasts of key trends and market segments.
  • Your source for our unique capacity utilization data, as well as our outlook for rail rates.
  • Overview of the major trends impacting the fast growing intermodal sector.
  • Two monthly commentaries: a specific Industry Focus and a general commentary which identifies any key issues which the rail industry needs to be aware of.


  • Database is available with history and forecast for data presented in the report.
  • Historical & forecasted carloadings and intermodal loadings database going back to 1992
  • Database updated every month
  • Database is distributed in Microsoft Excel format

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This is a skeleton of the actual database. If you have additional questions about the database please contact FTR at [email protected] or (888) 988-1699 ext. 1.

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  • WEBINARS -- Complimentary access to FTR's "State of Freight" webinars held throughout the year. These webinars feature FTR staff discussing the current economy, trucking, rail, and intermodal situations.
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FTR Transportation Conference Discounts

  • Subscribers to FTR services receive attendee discounts to FTR's Transportation Conference.
  • The FTR Transportation Conference is the premier forecasting event of the industry offering insights by the worlds most knowledgeable presenters and thought leaders on transportation.

The best way to truly understand a report is to take a moment and read it. Download a sample report now.

Rail Update

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The best way to truly understand a report is to take a moment and read it. Download a sample report now.

Rail Update

Download RU Sample Report >

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