Rail Closer Look: Open Top Hoppers

Published Annually

The Rail Closer Look Series combines rail equipment intelligence with our Freight•cast™ forecasting model and FTR expert analysis to produce the industry’s most thorough and comprehensive rail equipment forecast and report.

Unsure what to do with your Open Top Hopper investments in a depressed market that doesn't seem to have an end? The Open Top Hopper Report can help answer your questions.

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Open Top Hoppers are designed to carry bulk materials, especially coal, and other mining industry products such as crushed stone, aggregate materials, and ores. The vast majority of this fleet’s traffic base is comprised of coal, a commodity struggling to maintain its historic shipment volumes.

The Open Top Hopper fleet has faced difficulties in recent years, despite demand for Aggregate cars. Will heavy retirement cycles continue to shrink the fleet? How does the outlook vary by segment? The industry's leading market forecast report answers these questions and more.

Closer Look: Open Top Hoppers Report Contains
  • Detailed fleet analysis
  • Current fleet sizes for each sub-segment
  • Pictures and illustrations of select car types, unique components, and important commodities
  • Unique characteristics inherent to sub-segments
  • Snapshot of each fleet segment’s age profile allocated by 5- year buckets over a car’s 50-year life
  • Ownership mix profiles across railroads, shippers, and leasing companies
  • Historic deliveries, retirements, and utilization
  • Forecasts and projections by fleet segment: new car deliveries and retirements
  • Current and historic traffic activity across car types
  • Traffic shares, commodity drivers, and industry drivers
  • Fleet ownership mix, age profile, retirement trends, and new equipment delivery forecast for the fleet as a whole
The full Closer Look Series includes Box Car, Covered Hopper, Flat Car, Gondola, Open Top Hopper, and Tank Car reports.  The entire series is now available. Be among the first to receive this series of reports and gain a competitive advantage by increasing your knowledge of the rail car supply chain and macroeconomic indicators.

Closer Look: Open Top Hoppers

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