The Old Rules Don’t Apply – FTR Releases Conference Session


As part of its’ industry education efforts, FTR is releasing a session recorded live at its annual Transportation Conference. In the session, entitled The Old Rules Don’t Apply: What You Need to Know to Succeed in a Changing Market, FTR thought leaders Noël Perry and Larry Gross explore six rules of freight transportation which are in the midst of upheaval. They then explore the data to help understand what the future of freight transportation might look like. 

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Noël Perry commented, “Will the past be useful in helping you understand the future? At FTR the data is pointing towards transportation markets which are likely to be radically different than in the past. In this session we give an overview of the data and key trends which businesses will need moving forward.”

This session replay will be appropriate for shippers, brokers, truckers, intermodal, railroads, and those interested in how freight transportation markets in North America are changing.
Larry Gross commented, “It is an interesting time to be researching the freight transportation markets. Yet ‘interesting’ doesn’t necessarily bode well for the transportation professionals who are in the midst of uncertain and changing times. We hope this session can bring some clarity to the types of challenges and changes in store for the markets.”

This video is a replay from a session recorded at the FTR Transportation Conference.

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