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FTR Reports Final Trailer Orders Rose Significantly in June to 14,400 units

FTR reports final net U.S. trailer orders for June rose significantly to 14,400 units. This was 10,000 units above May and up 9,000 units y/y. Trailer orders rebounded after two sluggish months, with June being the second-highest monthly total this year. Trailer orders for the past twelve months total 164,000.

The June increase was boosted by a recovery in the dry van market, supplemented by decent refrigerated van orders. Flatbed orders remain lethargic. Even though June activity was much improved, there is still too much uncertainty about the pandemic for fleets to have the confidence to order in large quantities. Backlogs continue to fall but are sufficient to support current production in the van segments, while flatbed producers continue to scramble for orders to build in Q4.

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