FTR Schedules State of Freight Webinar: The Future of Trucking


FTR will host their monthly State of Freight webinar with thought leader Noël Perry as he explores the future of trucking. This webinar will introduce attendees to the basic facts and implications of the biggest wave of changes to hit trucking since the development of the interstate highway system in the 1950's. The development of automated tools will rapidly change the way supply chains are managed and the way trucks are operated. While supply professionals are dealing with this set of changes, they are increasingly likely to also be assaulted by difficult economic challenges. Join Noël Perry as he takes a provocative look at these questions during this State of Freight webinar scheduled for Thursday, April 14th, at 11 a.m. EDT.

Perry will assess the chances of major economic disruptions should financial markets finally confront America's skyrocketing national debt, and explore what happens to international trade when labor cost is no longer the driver of manufacturing location. He will also discuss how automated tools will reduce the basic demand for transportation in our economy, as well as how automated tools will solve once and for all the driver shortage. Finally, he will cover how the nature of tractor design will change and what will happen to production volumes as productivity surges.

As Perry noted, "What seemed to be the stuff of space age comic books is now coming at us with shocking rapidity.  This webinar will give you a taste of the changes that will dominate your professional life in the 2020s.”

This is a thirty-minute webinar moderated by Jon Starks, COO of FTR. Participant Q&A session will be held after the presentation.

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