FTR Schedules State of Freight Webinar: Rail Carload Improving – Will it Last?

06.28.17 | FTR

Rail carload activity is running well ahead of the levels seen at this time last year. Yet many questions remain. Does this mean that a recovery is currently underway? Will the growth that we seem to be seeing right now continue? What are the prospects for important commodities like coal, now that we are in a new, Trump-influenced, era of deregulation? Add into the mix the application of “precision railroading” to one of the four major U.S. Class I railroads and you’ve got a recipe for change. Join FTR Rail expert Larry Gross for an in-depth review of the current situation and what it tells us about the future of rail carload during this webinar scheduled for Thursday, July 13th, at 11 a.m. EDT.

Larry will discuss the significant increase in rail carload volumes. He will also explore whether we can expect to see a robust growth in coal car loadings now that the “War on Coal” is over. Larry will end by taking a look at the long-term prospects for carload freight with autonomous trucks on the horizon.
Larry commented, “Rail carload volumes are showing good year-over-year gains thus far this year. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a recovery is currently underway. It’s important to “peel the onion” and get beyond the superficial year-over-year comparison to gain a true understanding of current rail dynamics. In this webinar we’ll be taking a close look at 'the rest of the story'”.

This webinar contains 30 minutes of prepared material with a 15 minute Q&A moderated by Eric Starks, Chairman and CEO of FTR.

MEDIA ALWAYS ATTEND FOR FREE. Registration to attend is required prior to the webinar date and can be completed by clicking here:

Registration to attend is required prior to the webinar date and can be completed by clicking here: (Media always attend for free). 

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