FTR Reports 2020 Trailer Ordering Season Off to Vibrant Start with 31,800 Preliminary Orders for October

11.15.19 | FTR

FTR reports that preliminary trailer orders for October were in line with expectations at 31,800 units, up 71% from September. October activity was the highest since November 2018, pointing to a vibrant start for the 2020 trailer ordering season. Regardless, orders were down significantly (-42%) y/y from 2018 near-record volume. Trailer orders for the past 12 months now total 241,000 units.

The high October order totals were achieved despite still elevated cancellations, as a few OEM’s continue to clean up their 2019 backlogs. October production is expected to be down moderately on a per-day basis due to seasonal factors, with backlogs climbing slightly for the first time in ten months.

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Don Ake, FTR vice president of commercial vehicles, commented, “This is great news for the trailer market. Several large dry van fleets placed requirement orders for 2020, showing they have confidence in the freight markets going into next year. Dry van orders were strong despite a lull in freight growth. There still is plenty of replacement demand present and fleets continue to need more dry vans to move products quickly to and between warehouses due to increased online sales.”
“The vocation trailer markets, such as flatbeds and dumps, are still struggling as the industrial sectors of the economy weaken. Refrigerated van orders are expected to increase soon. The higher October orders suggest the market will be decent in 2020, although down significantly from the expected record production volume of 2019. The trailer market is slowing, but a significant downturn is not imminent.
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The full trailer data is available as part of FTR's North American Truck & Trailer Outlook service.

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