FTR Announces Keynote Speakers for Annual Transportation Conference

06.14.16 | FTR

FTR has announced four keynote speakers for their 12th annual transportation conference, scheduled September 13-15, 2016, in Indianapolis, IN. FTR’s annual conference is recognized for delivering the most complete and comprehensive outlook on freight transportation in North America. This year’s keynotes reflect the large changes set to occur in freight transportation, and how companies are planning for the future.

The conference keynote will be delivered by Clarence Gooden, President of CSX. Since joining the leadership team in 2004, Clarence has helped CSX become a highly focused and increasingly profitable leader in freight rail and logistics services. Clarence is a member of the board of directors of the National Freight Transportation Association, TTX Corporation, and the National Association of Manufacturers, as well as sits on the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank’s Trade and Transportation Advisory Council. Clarence will be joined onstage by Larry Gross, Partner at FTR, for a broad discussion on “Assessing the Transportation Landscape.”

The conference offers content channels to help guide attendees toward the sessions most appropriate to their business needs. The keynote speaker for the Shippers, Brokers, & Carriers content channel will be delivered by Steve Sashihara, CEO of Princeton Consultants. Steve will be presenting on Digital Disruption in the Freight Industry. Steve will explore his findings on key digital disruptors, including in-depth industry research, as well as feedback from a survey of 2016 conference attendees. This is a follow up to his noteworthy presentation at the 2015 conference. Anyone who is interested in the future of freight transportation should plan to attend.

The keynote speaker for the Truck and Trailer Equipment content channel will be delivered by Troy Clarke, President and CEO of Navistar. Navistar is a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles, and engines. Troy will be joined by Eric Starks, CEO of FTR, in a discussion on “Exploring the Future Landscape.”  

The keynote speaker for the Rail Equipment content channel will be delivered by Barbara Wilson, President of Wells Fargo Rail. Barbara is responsible for all day-to-day operations and financial results for a business that owns and leases over 175,000 pieces of equipment. Her presentation will provide “Perspective on the Market” from an industry thought leader.

These keynote speakers will join over fifty additional presenters and panelists in discussions covering the economy, freight demand, competition between modes, carrier & shipper behavior, and demand for new transport equipment.

“The keynote speakers reflect our dedication to bringing in industry thought leaders who can provide powerful insights into the freight transportation industry,” said Eric Starks, CEO of FTR. “Our attendees expect each speaker, presenter, or panelist to provide actionable information and insights for their business. That is what makes the FTR Transportation Conference stand out from other conferences. Our speakers also reflect the high caliber of networking opportunities available at the conference.” 

The FTR conference is the premier forecasting event of the industry offering insights, knowledge, and strategic networking opportunities. To register for the conference and view additional information please visit

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