FTR and AllTranstek to Host Tank Car Market Webinar


FTR and AllTranstek will host a webinar "The Changing Landscape of the Tank Car Market: Regulations, Trends, and Forecasts" on May 19, 2014 from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. EST. The webinar will provide attendees with a Closer Look at the Tank Car Fleet, give a Regulatory Update on the Tank Car Fleet, and provide an Outlook for the Future of the Tank Car Market

With the recent announcement by Transport Canada regarding new tank regulations, the industry now has some concrete information. However, clarity on this issue is far from certain until the changes to the U.S. regulations are finalized and announced. FTR and AllTranstek will provide insights from some of the best thought leaders in the industry.  The 90-minute webinar will be jam packed with analysis and data to help participants better understand the changing landscape in this dynamic sector.

Dick Kloster, Senior Vice President of AllTranstek and a Senior Consultant with FTR commented, “Even though we don’t know the full regulations, we’ve been able to run some alternative scenarios for planning purposes. This is allowing us to put better numbers to the regulations and more fully understand the impact to the industry.”

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For more than two decades, FTR has been the thought leader in freight transportation forecasting in North America. The company’s national award-winning forecasters collect and analyze all data likely to impact freight movement, issuing consistently reliable reports for trucking, rail, and intermodal transportation, as well as providing demand analysis for commercial vehicle and railcar. FTR’s forecasting and specially designed reports have resulted in advanced planning and cost-savings for companies throughout the transportation sector.

AllTranstek is one of North America’s largest railcar management and consulting companies. Its fleet management platform is the most comprehensive in the industry and is used to manage over 150,000 railcars for some of the country’s largest companies. AllTranstek maintains a large consulting staff that engages clients over a broad spectrum rail equipment aspect, from strategic growth, to operational excellence, to technical and regulatory compliance consulting.