Fleet Owner | Ten Transportation Trends to Watch in 2017

01.06.17 | Sean Kilcarr, Fleet Owner

So what are some of the broader transportation trends trucking CEOs should keep their eyes on as we hurdle into 2017 and beyond?

John Larkin, managing director and head of transportation capital markets research for Stifel Capital Markets, recently took a stab at identifying some of the big long-term freight market trends, while providing a few near-term insights as well - with both sets offering more than a few interesting things for trucking firms to contemplate.

“We remain very bullish, with respect to transportation and logistics stocks, over the long term,” Larkin said in a research note.

“However, we think that near term fundamentals are generally weaker than widely understood. Rate pressures building throughout 2016 will not reverse on a dime [and] some inventory overhang still appears to exist throughout our nation’s supply chains,” he stressed.

“These and other factors cause us to believe that freight transportation and logistics fundamentals won’t definitively turn positive until mid-year 2017, at the earliest,” Larkin pointed out. “And, it is entirely possible, in our view, that the turnaround won’t become evident until the second quarter of 2018.”

That being said, there are ten key long-term trends he believes are poised to accelerate in the coming year or so; ones freight companies - truckers included - need to keep an eye on.

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