Fleet Owner | Economist: 4 ‘nasty things’ to plan for

02.18.16 | Kevin Jones, Fleet Owner

Anyone who thinks 2020 is the distant future needs to think again. To be competitive, a business has to plan, but some events are easier to schedule around than others. So one session in the 2016 FTR Virtual Conference Tuesday focused on some “unknowns” that are just around the corner, and how trucking might prepare for these events that are likely-but tricky to pin down.

In introducing the session, The Future of Trucking: Quantifying an Unknown Future, FTR Truck & Transportation Expert Noël Perry explained four “exogenous” or outside “exposures,” several items that he and his fellow economists find difficult to model because they’re hard to measure. Essentially, his list features items that should be important to the trucking industry and that have a reasonable probability of happening.

“In some cases, great opportunities, and in some cases really nasty things that people don’t want to talk about,” Perry said. “These could all throw a monkey wrench in the works. Some are positive, some are negative-but they’re all real. The only issue is we can’t quite figure out the timing. You need to be ready.”

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