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We provide forecasts you trust and the insights you need to succeed. Our intelligence about North American freight transportation comes from our Freight•cast™ model and our experts’ years of industry experience. Our work is based on empirical data, not surveys.

Whether you need intelligence on freight demand, transportation capacity and rates, or equipment production, we have you covered.

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Subscription services

We offer subscriptions to freight and equipment focused reports and databases. These reports cover all aspects of freight transportation and are the benchmark for many in the freight transportation industry.

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Value of subscribing

You get,

  • comprehensive and timely analysis
  • quantitative market intelligence
  • key industry trends
  • a forecast you trust!

Our clients also benefit from ongoing webinars which provide guidance on the news that is driving markets. Our analysis gives you the confidence to make business decisions, even when times are tough.

Sample reports

Take a look at our information-packed sample reports then let us know what you think.

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