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You're invited to attend the RFC and FTR Equipment Forum!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Hyatt Regency - Houston Galleria
 Houston, TX

Railroad Financial Corporation, the leading rail equipment financial advisory firm, and FTR, the leading commercial freight transportation experts, are joining forces to provide the deepest dive into the fundamental demand and investment landscape of Tank and Covered Hopper railcars. 

This event is ideal for supply chain, procurement, and transportation professionals as well as asset managers seeking to understand the current demand dynamics of tanks and covered hoppers and to receive an update on the lease market for railcars of all types.

Taking place at the brand new Hyatt Regency Houston/Galleria with upscale amenities and a relaxed atmosphere, this one-day session is the perfect opportunity to step away from the office and grow your transportation network and knowledge base. 


Here's a look at the agenda:

7:30 AM - Breakfast & Networking
8:30 AM - Welcome & Introductions
8:45 AM - Economic Keynote
Join us as Emily Myers Sanchez provides insights into the direction of the carload markets and the underlying manufacturing economy. We'll dive deeper into the key data points and sectors to watch like mortgage rates, lumber prices, and automotive production.

Presenter - Emily Myers Sanchez, American Chemistry Council 

9:30 AM - Tank Cars Equipment (deliveries and outlook)

Tank cars are settling into a lower level of order and delivery activity, but also face a higher-than-usual level of uncertainty given potential regulatory changes and requalification activity. We’ll examine these drivers of activity and provide an outlook for where the market goes in 2024.

Presenter - Todd Tranausky

10:30 AM - Networking Break
10:45 AM - Covered Hoppers (deliveries and outlook)

Orders have been strong for covered hoppers, but some participants fear a bubble forming and that covered hoppers will become the next overbuilt railcar type. Expected new production coming online in the next 18 months mitigates those fears somewhat, but this session will address the risks and uncertainties acting on this market. 

Presenter - Todd Tranausky

11:45 AM - Lunch
1:00 PM - Fireside Keynote: The Changing Face of Rail Freight in Supply Chains

Hear directly from a supply chain practitioner as we discuss the changing landscape of transportation and its implications for rail freight

Presenters: Francisco Salinas, CEMEX, William Geiger and David Nahass, RFC

1:45 PM - Leasing

Steadying global conflicts have seen commodity costs ease from their 2023 peaks, but uncertainty from potential regulatory changes has tampered with the appetite for tank car demand to a degree. Join the Railroad Financial Corporation team as they examine how this abnormal market is impacting financial indicators such as lease rates, return on investment, and revenue streams.

Presenters - David Nahass and William Geiger

2:30 PM - Networking Break
3:00 PM - Railcar Executive Q&A

Eric Marchetto, Chief Financial Officer of TrinityRail will join William Geiger and David Nahass for a Question and Answer session on the railcar manufacturing and leasing market.  

Eric Marchetto, TrinityRail
William Geiger, Railroad Financial Corp. 
David Nahass, Railroad Financial Corp.

3:45 PM - Finance

The Covered Hopper market has seen a struggle as of late with market demand being absorbed by the petrochemical space. Join David and Will as they assess what the offsetting commodity growth means for the Covered Hopper market as we trudge through this subdued freight market.

Presenters - David Nahass and William Geiger


4:30 PM - Closing
5:30 - 7:00 PM - Reception

Meet the Speakers

Geiger, Will
William Geiger Senior Vice President, Railroad Financial Corporation
Emily Myers Sanchez
Emily Myers Sanchez Economist & Director of Data Analytics, American Chemistry Council
Eric Marchetto
Eric Marchetto CFO, TrinityRail
David Nahass
David Nahass President, Railroad Financial Corporation
Francisco Salinas
Francisco Salinas Treasurer, CEMEX
Eric Starks
Eric Starks Chairman of the Board, FTR
Jon Starks
Jonathan Starks CEO, FTR
Todd Tranausky
Todd Tranausky VP, Rail & Intermodal, FTR


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